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When there is nothing but love left

When there is nothing but love left

Ever been in a relationship where the only good thing between you two is the loving memories of the past, the good times you had together which is the only thing  keeping you in that relationship,

you can’t pinpoint where it all went wrong but recent occurrences between you two suggest your relationship is slipping off the edge not that any of you did something wrong to each other but you just can’t figure out where or what went wrong.

You both are still very much in love with each other yes it is possible to love someone and still not feel passionate towards the relationship like you used to this is where everything is gone except love.

If you both still love each other you can make it work. there are a lot of things that can make you drift away from each other unintentionally even though you still  love your partner all these include


As much as you love your partner when you chose work over them it will be difficult for the love between you both to remain the same

as much as we love money and want to always be able to provide for our loved ones if you let that get in the way of your relationship no matter how much you both love each other your love will drop.

Most modern relationships end not because they no longer love each other but because people chose a lot of things one of them being work over their partners. There should be a balance so that no aspect of your life suffers due to negligence.


Can any relationship survive without attention? I highly doubt that no matter how much money is pumped into it if attention is not gotten from you then it is unlikely that relationship will survive the test of time.

You both might be in love but neglect dwindles the love you share, it tarnishes and corrodes the good memories you both created in the past which is when there is nothing left but love.

You love your boyfriend/spouse but they are not always there when you need them,

Especially when you need their attention more, how will you feel about that? not so good right? You might still be in love with them which is still a good thing meaning your relationship can be salvaged if you both want it to be saved


Most women give birth and focus more attention on their children neglecting the needs and feelings of their partners.

The fuss over your kids becomes too much you have nothing special to think about your spouse apart from your kids,

you can’t seem to go out on a date with your partner without bringing your kids into the conversation, you no longer prepare his favourites because you are busy preparing that of your kids,

You no longer get interested in things that have to do with him rather all you care about is your kids,

don’t get me wrong, it is not bad or wrong to fuss over your kids or to make them your priority but you shouldn’t neglect the needs of your man,

you should learn to balance things up the feelings of your partner matter too, he was your first baby before you started having actual babies. It would be wrong to just abandon them just like that


Most people get petty and carry things in their minds for a very long time. If your partner wrongs you, you should let them know immediately the more it piles up in your mind the more it creates a which may not be bridged.

Unresolved issues may tarnish or compromise companionship despite the fact you love your partner it will create that stain which your mind cant place making it impossible to be free and playful like you used to be.


Priorities can change, such as what you give your time, things you add to your life, and your change of lifestyle all these might deflect your attention from what is important to what is not.

Change of lifestyle and friends might also be the reason your relationship is heading to the rocks, it all becomes two people in a relationship who love each other but feels nothing special or passionate towards each other.

In all the changes that occur in your life if you don’t carry your partner along it might lead to the falling apart of your relationship as much as your priorities change let it not hurt your relationship. Let there be a balance

When there is nothing but love left what do you do to rekindle the fire?

You still love them that’s all you have got for them, you don’t feel anything more for them be it romantic, or intimate and you are asking how it happened or how it got to that point.

You really want to know what to do to get that spark back since you still love them that’s enough threshold to hold on to

Resolve to work on your relationship

Watching your relationship slip off the slope can be one of the most painful things especially if you both had something beautiful going on.

you might not even notice it early until it’s too late, not until you discover you have a problem you won’t believe you have a problem and probably needs help. Discovering there is a problem in a relationship is the first step towards making it better


Like I will always say having a good relationship just like your job requires hard work from both parties it is not something you can relax and wish away while doing nothing about it.

A relationship is actually where you get a great idea of garbage in garbage out. Search within yourself and find out the part you played in the negative dwindling of your relationship.

You might be surprised at what you will discover you might even be shocked at the part you played in making your relationship how it is. self-reflection is the number one actionable tool towards working on what you have to make it to be what you want.


This is something two people can do .you are not in a relationship alone as much as it might be difficult for you to get your partner involved in the relationship rescue is very paramount you can’t do it alone.

You both need to make a conscious effort to be better to let the love that exists between you two blossom into something beautiful like it used to and as such you both need to put in an effort.

One person can not do it. get them involved for it is necessary. Know if they are willing to work towards the relationship to make it better if you don’t talk to them you will never find out if they have moved on in their mind without you. if they have then you should call it quits and move on too.

When there is nothing but love left we tend to go around each other, tolerating each other instead of accepting each other, have that talk with them for it will determine if there is actually anything to work on.


A marriage/relationship counsellor will help you both navigate through all those hurdles and numerous distractions and give you real reasons why your relationship is the way it is and also gradually help your relationship revert to what it used to be before the negative change occurred and it became unhealthy. They will help you work out your relationship after going through a rough patch 


When there is nothing but love left you just tolerate each other’s presence love is not enough to keep a relationship going but its definitely enough to want to start   working on your relationship and watch it blossom into something beautiful

Tell us what you do when there is nothing but love left in your relationship


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