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7 Core relationship guidelines that ensures you have a peaceful relationship

Relationship Guidelines

Relationship if gotten right is one of the most beautiful things to experience. is not really easy finding someone who resonates with you at all levels. Having a good relationship have absolutely nothing to do with perfection because no one is perfect expecting a perfect relationship is like expecting the sun to suddenly rise and set from the ocean which is a very impossible thing to believe.

What makes a relationship great is when both parties in love see the beauty in the imperfection of each other and are determined to make what they have work not minding their individual differences.

Now just like friendships have rules, and boundaries a good relationship should also have rules and boundaries too. Knowing what works for each other is a step towards making your relationship healthy and great.

Having relationship guidelines and sticking to them no matter what does a whole lot of good for your relationship. You might not notice the impact or the effect of having and sticking to relationship guidelines until when you look back to try and evaluate what you have with your partner only then will you notice how helpful relationship guidelines have been in your relationship.

There are lots of relationship guidelines out there, dos and don ts, rules and whatnot that have been published to guild you, to help you navigate the storms and calms that relationship comes with but what is more important is choosing the ones that are right for you and your partner and sticking to it. or make rules and boundaries that are easier for you both to navigate, create a love map nevertheless ensure you stick to them.

Relationship guidelines

Set  rules, regulations, and boundaries

As scary as this may sound every relationship needs to have rules and boundaries. we all have different views and opinions there are a lot of things that may work for you that may not work for your partner at all and when no rule is set or put in place stepping on each other’s toes becomes a regular occurrence, which may likely lead to the break up of such union.

Just as we put effort, time, and diligence into our job we should also put the same level of time and diligence into our relationships. Get together and talk about what works for you and what does not then you come to a compromise to be able to accommodate each other. Set rules that should be adhered to by both parties with no exceptions.

Have deep respect for each other

Truth is no matter how good-looking, classy, educated, and rich you are if you have no respect for your partner that relationship WILL fail no matter how long it takes. They will eventually get tired of being disrespected and take a walk.

Being in love with someone has everything to do with respecting their opinions at all times, respecting their decisions, and respecting them as a person and it has nothing to do with disrespecting someone you claim to love. Respect is much more important than love in a relationship

Respect in a relationship has a way of binding two individuals together because everyone wants to be with someone who respects them as a person. being respectful towards your partner encompasses how you talk to them, your action towards them, your opinion of them when you are with people, etc.

Are you the type that has no rein on your emotions, you talk nasty when you are angry you probably call them names and say demeaning things to them maybe you eventually apologize when you are calm enough to be reasonable but the frequency of this occurrence will eventually lead to the downfall of that relationship. No sane person wants to be with someone who verbally abuses them when they are angry.

relationship guidelines
leave what was side in the bedroom in the bedroom

Let things said in the bedroom remain in the bedroom

This means whatever secret you both share with each other should remain with each other. It’s a huge red flag when your partner keeps telling her friends or family everything you both discussed in private. it is absolutely wrong to tell friends about everything that goes on in your relationship just like every company has its privacy policy a relationship should equally have one. Telling everyone who cares to listen to things that are meant for you and your partner to know is a huge disrespect to both you and your partner. Have a little decorum to leave what is said in the bedroom, in the bedroom let it not go out with you.

Practice effective communication

No one is a mind reader, don’t expect your partner to know how you feel through your actions. say it. When you are not happy about their actions or what they said upsets you, let them know about it, bearing grudges in your mind without even letting them know why you are upset is a very terrible way of handling stress in a relationship.

When things are not really going the way you thought you both should come together and talk about it. “talk about it”. When you want something to be done talk about it don’t assume. clarity should also be your watchword don’t make ambiguous statements and expect them to try and figure it out. Effective communication is one of the keys to having a healthy relationship.

A relationship where both parties communicate effectively as often as possible will eventually go far to overcome storms every relationship comes with one of the pillars of relationship guidelines is effective communication. Stop making assumptions and start talking to each other

Learn to forgive

One important fact you should learn before entering a relationship is that your partner will annoy you, and step on your toes unintentionally. They will make comments that will hurt your feelings one way or the other when they do so and apologize you should forgive and forget.

When you keep track of hurts or things they said or did that upset you this will upset the dynamics in your relationship. Keeping grudges or counting wrong done breeds defiance doubt and disloyalty in a relationship. When you are not ready to forgive anyone that errs you then you should consider being single until you have learned how to let go of certain things.

Apologize when you err

An apology is one of the most difficult things to do… I mean letting go of your ego and apologizing when you do something you shouldn’t do is something most people find difficult to do in relationships instead of apologizing for the wrong done they will prefer buying gifts to cover the apology of course your partner will accept the gifts and when they do you assume all is well and all sins are forgiven.

it might seem like it works for you but this method is counterproductive, they will eventually get tired of the gifts and then they start keeping track of all the wrongs you have done and never apologized for. if you are not really ready to apologize when you step on their toes then it’s best you probably remain single till you are comfortable enough to let go of your ego and apologize.

Relationship is about sacrifice and one of those things you will have to sacrifice to have a healthy relationship is your ego.

Treat each other how you want to be treated.

You can’t treat your partner like scum and expect them to treat you like royalty. you can’t treat them like they don’t matter and expect them to treat you like you matter. show example of how you want to be treated by treating them that way.

You want them to call you often call them often. You want them to do things for you do it for them first, you want them to always buy you gifts teach them that by buying for them, you want them to treat you right you can start by treating them right.

Most people don’t actually know how to be in a relationship they just go with the flow because they assume that’s the way it’s supposed to be, it becomes your responsibility to teach them how to be in a relationship by setting examples. doing for them what you want them to do for you.


There are a lot of rules to follow however choose what works for you, and never compare your relationship with that of others for what works for them might not work for you. choose a dynamics and stick to it.be sure to treat them like you want to be treated, and talk to them in a respectful way.

No one wants to be with someone that disrespects them in every way. No one wants to be with someone that don’t respect their opinions and boundaries, also remember before you decide to be in a relationship learn how to apologize, learn how to let go of your ego and apologize.

Apology when done right soothes and pacifies a raging heart don’t give a half-ass apology and expect everything to be easy peasy just because you know they love you and will eventually forgive you.

Learn how to forgive. You will have to understand you both are different, you have different upbringings, different idealogy, and different opinions which may clash with each other one day when that happens and they apologize forgive and forget.


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